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 Site Rules.

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PostSubject: Site Rules.   Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:07 am

Nobody likes them, but they've got to exist, lest there be anarchy, however. Fear not, for these rules are few.

1. Across ALL area's of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Legends, spam and profanity will NOT be tollerated. However, in the Out Of Character section, your posts do not NEED to follow a general theme, and therefore the scrutiny on spam will be a little more relaxed. For example, if you were to drone on about something that makes little to no sense as regards the topic's main theme, yet, you still make some reference to said theme, no action will be taken against that post.

Unlike spam, profanity and posts/images of an adult of defamatory manner will be deleted/edited without notice to the poster and a warning will be placed against them (More on warnings later.)

2. Cheating within the game will be met with severe punishment, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, we're only human after all (Unlike Duel Master K, who is actually a bot.), but deliberate cheating will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. In short, read up on the games mechanics and rulings to avoid severe warnings and punishments.

3. Respect all players, especially members of Duel Legends staff, I have given them their place on the team because they have either earned it, or are familiar with my mechanics, rules and methods.

It's not hard to show respect, even if you dislike another member, in which case, confine any disputes to PM's. Else a member of Duel Legends staff will interject and hand out warnings and punishments to all involved.

You have been warned.

4. Have fun. While the main aim of this site is to compete to become the greatest of duelists, there is no need to spoil the fun of others, is there? However, the same goes in reverse, if you lose a duel, it's not the end of the world, you can always try again, after all, it's just a game.


The Warning System.

You're all familiar with the rules of Baseball, right? No? Well, no matter, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows what "Three Strike's and you're out" means.

However, there are some cases where a member will recieve less than three strikes before a ban is implemented, in these cases, a ban is more likely to be temporary and in response to a major misdemeanor.

Below, is how the warning system works.

Level 1 Warning: this warning is private, and will be sent via PM by a member of staff, despite the fact that other members will be unaware of this warning, it is not to be taken lightly, as it will be recorded within the moderation board.

A level 1 warning is deemed void after 6 months with no further incidents involving the member in possession of said warning.

Level 2 Warning: This warning is public, and will be posted within the rules section of the site, the reasons for this warning will NOT be posted.

A level 2 warning is acquired, normally, by repeat offenders, however, if a user does not posses a level 1 warning upon receipt of this warning, the user is temporarily banned, for a duration of 1-3 days, respective of the severity of the offence.

Level 2 warnings are deemed void after 6 months with no further incidents involving the user in possession.

A Level 3 Warning is the final stage, the warning, and the reason for the issue of this warning will be made public in the rules section of the site. Upon receipt of a level 3 warning, the user will be instantly, and permanently banned.

A level 3 warning is acquired by repeat offenders with a level 2 warning, or by those users who, after receiving a level 1 warning, post profane, adult or defamatory content before the warning has expired.
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Site Rules.
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