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 Character Biography Template.

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PostSubject: Character Biography Template.   Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:11 am

The following is how we expect your Character Bio to be laid out, the template is designed to make your lives a little easier while you fill it out, and, to make it even easier than that, I'll even give you the code to copy and paste into your own topic...

Aren't I nice to you?

Quote :
Name:This explains itself, what is your characters name?

Gender: Also self explanatory.

Duel Style: This one will take a little work, does your character go all out on the offensive, or do you like to stonewall your opponents? However your character prefer's to duel, put it here, from the most simple style's to the most elaborate of techniques.

Card Chest: Here you will list all the cards that your character owns that ARE NOT placed within one of his or her decks, feel free to place this at the END of your biography, to save time and space when editing.

Decks: Quite simple, however, instead of listing them all in one post, please make a new post for each deck, preferably beneath your chest (If choosing to post your chest in a separate post.) to enable quick and easy modifications.

The code for this bio is as follows.



[b][u]Duel Style:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Card Chest:[/u][/b]

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Character Biography Template.
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